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ICAO Obstruction Lights - Tower Marker Lights
Low intensity ICAO obstruction lights

Low Intensity ICAO Obstruction Lights [LI-INTG]

Low intensity ICAO obstruction lightsAVAIDS TECHNOVATORS, is a leading organization in the manufacturing of ICAO obstruction lights for high rise structures and Tower Marker Lights. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company. We specialize in manufacturing of low intensity LED obstuction lights. Our products are designed according to the specifications laid down by the ICAO.
The ICAO has made regulations for the installation of warning lights at High rise structures as per their height and width. These obstruction lights are vital for safe air travel and aviation, and protection of precious human life and property.

According to the specifications of ICAO, low intensity obstruction lights are required to be fitted at obstacles where the obstacle is a less extensive one and its height above the surrounding ground is less than 45 meters.

Avaids Low Intensity Aviation Lights not only meet these specifications but also provide the benefits of LED lighting technology - low initial as well as operating cost and long life.
Our low intensity obstruction lights are created using cutting-edge technology, which makes our products no longer dependent on complex, heavy, expensive incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lights. Our LED low intensity lights guarantees more value for money. Most importantly, they are maintenance free.  Also to suit your needs and specifications, they can be custom-made.


    • Omni directional RED light source (10 cd - 32 cd) with no filters to fade away quickly.
    • Customizable for both AC and DC conditions.
    • Multiple light elements in the source reduce the chances of a complete blackout which could be caused in case of a single source failure.
    • High quality optics for excellent beam spread control.
    • All hardware of Tower marker obstruction lights are made of corrosion resistant metals.
    • Excellent dust and moisture sealing as a result of improved gaskets.
    • Bird spikes for protection against droppings.
    • Use of quality components and sophisticated technology reduce chances of maintenance and replacement.
    • Low power consumption, which leads to huge savings on electricity bills.
    • SMPS redundant parallel power supply ensures improved product life.
    • Superior quality. We at Avaids’ follow all quality checking procedures during different stage of production. ICAO (Type A & B) compliant product design and performance.

    Operating Conditions for Tower Marking Obstruction Lights

    Photometric Data
    Colour of Light Red
    Vertical Beam Spread 10 °
    Horizontal Coverage 360 °
    "Ground Scatter Light" cut-off angle -5 °
    Electrical Specifications of Tower Marker Obstruction Lights
    Input Supply Operating Voltage System Operating on DC Volts Current (Amp) Volt Amps (VA) Watts
    (V x I)
    Min Max Min Max Min Max
    230V AC with SMPS Supply
    (50 Hz)
    110 V AC
    (60 Hz)
    240 V AC
    (50 Hz)
    12 V 300mA 500mA 3.6 6 6
    24 V 150mA 250mA 3.6 6 6
    48 V 75mA 125mA 3.6 6 6
    230V AC (50 Hz) 110 V AC
    (60 Hz)
    240 V AC
    (50 Hz)
    12 V 300mA 500mA 3.6 6 6
    24 V 150mA 250mA 3.6 6 6
    48V 75mA 125mA 3.6 6 6
    Light Characteristics of Tower Marking Obstruction Lights
    ICAO Type Type "A"
    Light Source Solid State Lamps
    Light Color RED
    Intensity > 10 cd
    Horizontal Divergence 360 °
    Lamp Life > 1,00,000 hrs
    Radial Emission As per CISPR 11
    Physical Characteristics
    Body Material Compression Molded Glass Fiber reinforced Polyester
    Lense Material Polished Acrylic
    Height (mm/inches) 225 mm
    Width (mm/inches) 160 ± 5 mm
    Mass (Kg/lbs) 5 Kg Approx.
    Construction of Tower Marking Obstruction Lights
    Lens Material Polished Acrylic
    Sealing Improvised Gasket
    Weight 1.7 Kg Approx.
    Environmental and Electrical
    Temperature Range - 20 ° C to + 50 ° C
    Waterproof Through improvised Gaskets and Sealant
    Environment Protection Standard for Light IP 65 Standard
    Environment Protection Standard for Control Panel IP 55 Standard
    Weight & Measurements (Shipping info)
    Kg mm cu ft

    Power and Telecom transmission towers, Broadcast Towers.

    Special Information
    • These luminaire systems require separate control gear for AC operations.
    • Also, DC-DC regulator is recommended in cases where input DC voltage variation exceeding 5% is expected.
    • Luminares are available in DC (12/24/48 volts) and AC (110/230) environments. Also available with flasher as an option.
    • All LED's have a life of 1,00,000 hrs.
    Shipping Specifications

    Shipping details for medium intensity white flashing obstruction lights

    Carton No. Carton Description Net Weight (KG) Gross Weight (KG) Dimn. Vol. CBM
    1 TASS-LI-INTG with Controller 3 5 170x160x330 0.0089


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