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Management Team

We believe in a lean and responsive work environment that encourages the freedom to excel. The leadership team is critical in translating this into a market-aligned reality.

Mr. Ashok Kaul , Chairman & Managing Director

Pursuing a vision with a passion, "so what's next ?" is the question Mr. Kaul keeps asking the team. The mission is to build leaders. Ashok is the "think and build" behind the AVAIDS initiatives to keep moving forward on the value-chain. 

Mr Ashok Kaul has over 20 years of experience in managing high-value projects in India & Abroad He has been responsible for setting up international operations from the ground up for several ventures. He has significant experience working with leaders at the C-level and has built business relationships across The globe.

Mr. Piplani, Director

Mr. Piplani is focused on rapid yet sustainable results - balancing "right now, …" and "next week, … ." He has a sharp mind for business and keeps an eye on the dashboard and a check on the vital signs. 

Indian businesses are integrating into the world economy at an accelerated pace and Mr. Piplani is keen on leveraging this economic jet stream. Mr. Piplani draws on an experience base of over 10 + years primarily in the Aviation Obstruction Lights Technology across major international markets.

Mr. Sumeer Kaul

Mr. Sumeer Kaul focuses on distilling the take-to-market message and portfolio based on the directives of Avaids strategy. 

Sumeer has a diverse set of experiences in marketing as well as production with a focus on establishing new business relationships and brand-building.

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