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Solar powered obstruction lights
Solar power aviation warning light

Solar Powered Medium Intensity Obstruction Warning Light

Solar Powered Obstruction LightsAvaids Technovators’s solar powered obstruction lights are used for multiple purposes. These lights can be used for high rise buildings, chimneys, transmission lines, telecommunication towers etc. They are very compact, easy-to-use and maintenance-free products. Our lights experience negligible wear and tear.
More than 2000 solar powered aviation warning lights of Technovators are installed all around the globe. These lights are long lasting, low on maintenance and are ideal for standalone deployment on transmission pylons.

They are an ideal solution for passive shelters where the electricity connection is difficult to get. It also helps in saving the expensive resources and optimally using natural resources. This unique arrangement helps save cable cost.

Special detailing is given on the manufacturing of these systems to keep the maintenance costs low. They are designed specially to withstand any extreme environment without hampering its performance.

Avaids battery powered obstruction lights are reliable self-contained air traffic warning light systems. The battery, charges and panel are on a same platform that can be mounted on top of the tower. Due to such an arrangement, there is no need for external wiring. Also, since all these components are mounted on top of the tower, it improves the safety of equipment (as opposed to having battery box at the base of the tower).

Technovators solar powered systems have an in-built dedicated software, which helps in the optimal use of solar modules and battery. Solid state lamps are used to minimize lighting load. Dusk to dawn operation of obstruction warning light is controlled by photo-sensing.

This type of arrangement can be customized to meet individual client requirements.

The solar-powered obstruction light's main advantages are low energy consumption, bright light, a solar array and a battery bank. During the day, the solar array charges the battery via the controller and in the night, this system controller automatically activates the obstruction light and draws power from the battery.

It can operate efficiently in varying temperatures from -25°C -> +55°C.

Technical Specifications of Aircraft Obstruction Warning Lights

Operating Conditions
  • Temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C.
  • Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)
  • Fog, Rain
  • Humidity : 100%
  • Does not create Electromagnetic Interference
  • Does not create Radio Frequency Interference

Solar Panels
Type Mono/Poly Crystalline
Maximum Power > 10 TO 120 Watt
Efficiency 90 %
Type Sealed Maintenance Free
Nominal Voltage > 12 /24 V
Capacity Depending upon Load & Design Autonomy

Shipping Specifications

   Shipping details for solar powered obstruction lights

Carton No. Carton Description Net Weight (KG) Gross Weight (KG) Dimn. Vol. CBM
1 TASS-LI-INTG 3 5 170 x 160 x 330 0.0089
2 Solar Module 30 56 1370 x 550 x 785 0.059
3 Battery with Battery Box 40 50 700 x 500 x 600 0.21
4 Mounting 68 88 1485 x 400 x 320 0.019
5 Cable Depends upon site location